My Etiquette Eye


Well, I can hardly believe it, can you?  This year is advancing so quickly!  It seems it was just a few days ago that we were still wearing our heavy coats, winter boots, hats, gloves, and scarves. We faced wind, snow, ice, rains and bitter cold temperatures as we headed to our various assignments of the day. Now, we’re already past the middle of May.  Prom season is nearly over, graduations are still underway and June weddings are just days away.  Summer vacations, beach parties, flipflops, hot tubs, and backyard barbeques are already on the minds of the general population, across the globe.  Stores and retailers are already advertising barbeque grills, picnic fixings and bathing suits.  In the last few weeks, we’ve had some amazing summer-like weather.  With rising temperatures, we’re already feeling the need to turn on our fans and air conditioners.  A few more days till June with the thermostat well above 80 degrees, is all it takes for a quick dip into the pool.  It’s easy to allow the mind to shift towards hot days, balmy afternoons and just right breezy evenings.   Considering the shift in the recent weather trends, I’ve taken a clue and put away my winter wardrobe and donned my Spring attire.  Spring coats and jackets have replaced the heavy winter gear.  It’s rain boots, and umbrellas; scarves, gloves and woolen hats are no more!   Long underwear, heavy socks and tights are in the bottom of the winter bin, in the back of the closet.  Whew, I’m glad that season is over, I’m ready for a change, but where has the time gone?   

We are in a new season.  A change has erupted.  With that, we make changes in our wardrobe, dress attire and some even in the foods they consume during the warmer weather.  Well, with all that said, there are some things that never change or go out of season.  Most of us have something in our wardrobe that‘s seasonal enough to wear anytime of the year.  Scarf, blouse/shirt, slacks and shoes are just a few of those items that fit that bill.  You can add other items to this list, but one is so refined, when properly worn, it speaks for itself.   Almost everyone has this item in their possession.  For some, it fits as well as a handmade leather glove; for others, it takes on the appearance of ill-fitted shoes.  Whether too large, too small, unlaced or unpolished, they just don’t fit well.  No matter how you walk, or how elegant your attire is, your lack of poise hardly goes unnoticed.  You may be viewed as clumsy, mismatched and someone lacking in grace and potential.   Although you’ve not presented your garment well, all hope is not lost.  A few adjustments in the right areas, will get you suited up just fine for the next occasion.  You will have an opportunity for a second impression.     

The item or garment I am referring to, is one of Manners.  Seasons and trends come and go.  The ebb and flow of rituals and traditions may be inconsistent, but the basic principles of etiquette proper, do not change.  It is always in vogue to say hello to others when you enter a room.  It is always in to order to practice honorifics when introducing your cousin to the mayor or the company president.  It is quite rude to allow your children or charges to run screaming around the dining hall or home of a dinner party.  Even if they are “just children and having so much fun.”   It is never polite to publicly ostracize a person on social media, even if they are your heartfelt thoughts and feelings.   It is inconsiderate to overstay your visit to an ailing or recovering friend or family member.  Family members of persons in the final stages of their expression of life in this world, may want and need your support, however, please honor their need for closure and privacy first.  No matter what season of life you are in, Manners are always to be exercised, with, grace, consideration, tact and poise.  I am certain you’d much rather be remembered as the perfectly fitted leather glove than the over-sized, untied, non-polished, ill-fitted shoe.  Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring, proper Manners are always a good fit, for any season.  Remember, etiquette is always displayed in every area of your life.  Wear your Manners well.  Doing so ensures you will leave a good lasting impression on those around you, for a lifetime.